For speakers

15 minutes will be allowed for the presentation of each contributed paper, followed by a 5-minute discussion. This rule will be enforced by session chairs to ensure that all presenters will have their allotted time and that no session ends late. For the plenary lecture 40 minutes are allotted (30-35 minutes for the presentation + 10-5 minutes for a discussion).

Speakers who wish to use computers and multi-media projectors are asked to supply their contribution on CD or USB stick one day before their lecture. Acceptable formats are PPT, PPS (MS Power Point 2003), and PDF (Adobe Acrobat). Please deliver your presentation to the computer room, where you can also check compatibility of your presentation with our system. Speakers who do not supply their contribution act on their own risk of technical incompatibilities and loss of speaking time.

Overhead projectors will also be available for presentations on transparencies.